Johnson Inspires Beyond the Track

Posted: Saturday, December 9th 2017 at 5:13 AM

Lorenzo Johnson, soon-to-graduate marketing major, has led an inspiring life on and off the track field. Carly Banks, NAU Communications, released this story on December 6, 2017:

Graduate Lorenzo Johnson: From NAU track athlete to dad, how one student’s journey took a turn for the best


At the age of nine, Lorenzo Johnson knew he wanted to run track in college. Thus began a decade of intense training in hopes of being good enough to earn a scholarship. But at the beginning of his senior year at Serra High School in San Diego, a pinched sciatic nerve in his back meant his dreams of being recruited by a four-year university seemed impossible.

He had worked too hard to lose it all...

Johnson’s daughter, Aiyana, was born at the beginning of his sophomore year. Suddenly, he found himself dividing his time between competing as a Division 1 athlete, taking 21 credit hours a semester and working more than two jobs while raising his daughter as a single father with full custody...

Next week, Johnson will graduate with his undergraduate degree after just three years. He knows that if he can survive what life has thrown his way this far, he can survive anything.

He has big plans for his future. After graduation, he will start the master’s in human resources program at NAU and continue running track and field...

"At the end of the day, my drive to be successful isn’t just for me, it is for all of the loved ones in my life and the people I hope to positively impact. Then and only then will my life goal be achieved because I can die knowing I made a positive difference on a global scale.”

Read the full article HERE. Congratulations, Lorenzo, and may your future continue to be bright.

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