Alumna Bacus: Learning from the Best

Posted: Friday, April 7th 2017 at 6:27 PM

Lisa BacusLisa Bacus shared skills and lessons learned throughout her impressive career.

Jennifer Mitchell, senior lecturer of marketing, realized that students were unsure of how to find jobs in consumer product marketing. She reached out to alumna Lisa Rojas Bacus (’86 MGT and Spanish), executive vice president and global chief marketing officer at Cigna, to see if she could help shed some light.

Bacus agreed, and 44 students had the opportunity to meet and learn from her many years of experience during a lunch presentation on February 17, 2017.

Here is what students had to say about their time with Bacus.

“The lunch with Ms. Lisa Bacus presented a good opportunity for the attending members of the business leadership program and student ambassadors to get a ‘behind-the-curtains’ view of business and marketing processes at Cigna. Ms. Bacus provided a candid account of her professional development and personal experiences within Cigna, and was able to relay her perspective of the goings-on within the company to the attendants in a very comprehensive fashion. Through an example involving Cigna's ‘TV Doctors of America Are Here’ campaign, she illustrated the application of marketing concepts in applied scenarios that students were able to relate class content to.  

A central theme of her presentation revolved around openness and passion, both of which she pointed out as instrumental values in both her own professional development, as well as that for future business majors entering the market. Throughout the afternoon, she maintained an atmosphere of professional and casual exchange, and was available to the attendants for an extensive question & answer session after the presentation.”
~Lars Funke, senior, MKT

“It was inspiring to meet a fellow lumberjack with such a successful career. What will stick with me most is that Ms. Bacus still enjoys the work she does and is proof that being an executive in a large company doesn't mean one has to give up their sense of fun and enjoyment in life." 
~Kyle Hamilton, junior, MKT

“My favorite portion of the presentation was how she discussed showing passion in everything we do. I also really loved how she talked about how attitude is everything and if someone has a positive attitude, they can do anything.”
~Alyssa Kewenvoyouma, senior, FIN and MKT

Throughout the presentation, Bacus’ passion for her work was clear, as well as her leadership skills and interest in passing on her knowledge to the younger generation.

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