MBA students on the [Mother] Road with Michael Marquess

Posted: Wednesday, May 4th 2016 at 4:45 PM

On April 7, 2016, Mother Road Brewing Company’s co-founder and chief beer officer Michael Marquess (’01 HRM) made a guest appearance in Dr. Marc Chopin’s MBA class, Customers, Markets, and Organizations.

Marquess took the students on a verbal tour behind the scenes of his successful brewery, and told the story of how he and his wife Alissa got started on the Entrepreneurial Road. He shared how their decision to “Find joy in the adventure everyday instead of going to work and hating what we do,” changed the direction of their lives to a bumpier, curvier, but so much more gratifying and exciting road than the one they had been on. 

After his introduction, Marquess opened the floor for questions. He let the students lead the conversation toward what interested them most. He wanted to get them excited about becoming an entrepreneur.

From the modest beginning of just one commercial client, the business has now grown to include 760 accounts across Arizona. Their goal?

“Since Day One, we decided to go from Chicago to LA and sell our beer at every one of the Route 66 states,” he stated, and the Mother Road does indeed seem to be leading them there.

More on Mother Road Brewing Company

Marquess has been giving back through his company by collaborating with Chef Mark Molinaro of the NAU-FCB School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Read more about Marquess and his company HERE.

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