MKT 430 Observes Product Distribution at Flagstaff’s Joy Cone Factory

Posted: Sunday, February 19th 2017 at 4:32 AM

Dr. Nita Paden’s MKT430 class went on a field trip Thursday, February 16, 2017, to the Joy Cone Factory here in Flagstaff. The class focuses on product distribution, and the students were able to explore several parts of the factory. They witnessed the making of several signature cones including sugar cones, waffle cones and cake cones; the activities in the mixing room; the warehouse where cones are stored prior to shipment and where the raw materials are received and inspected. Students observed how inventory is tracked and shipped to various businesses. They also discovered that Joy Cone supplies all the cones in North America for McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins and other large corporations.

This field trip was a great opportunity for the students to see the flow of products from the suppliers of wheat, sugar and other ingredients to quality control and manufacturing to warehousing, and shipment to customers. Students were also able to hear about the importance of maintaining good relationships with customers and supply chain partners. Student Richard Maestas said, “Joy Cone was a fun company to learn about…and I was amazed by the number of cones that they produce everyday.” Joy Cone produces 1-2 million cones a day at the Flagstaff facility.

“Touring the Joy Cone plant was extremely informative and interesting. I learned about the operations inside the plant, as well as the history of the company,” said student Charlotte Eaton.

Paden noted that the Joy Cone plant is a great place to take students to see distribution and logistics concepts in action.

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