Mr. Buffett Experience, for an unprecedented 8th invitation

Posted: Friday, December 5th 2014 at 3:35 AM

November 20–22, 2014, twenty FCB students earned the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Mr. Warren Buffett as part of the unprecedented eighth invitation to Mr. Buffett’s companies in Omaha, Nebraska. No other business school has been invited back so often. In addition, the ability of our undergraduates (18 of the 20) to attend is singular in a field of graduate students from invited universities otherwise.

Scott Coor (’76 MKT), Trendwood Inc., utilized his connection with Mr. Buffett through his furniture company for FCB students to be considered for their first invitation in Fall 2006. The students impressed Mr. Buffett with their appreciation of his Life Lessons beyond the financial arena. This has kept them in consideration since.

Travel for this year’s trip was sponsored entirely by Larry West (’75 JLS), CEO of Marquette Financial Companies and NAU Foundation and FCB National Advisory board member, and his wife, Amy Flood.

Over the course of the three-day trip, students toured Mr. Buffett’s facilities at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Borsheims, and Oriental Trading Company; participated in a Q&A session with Mr. Buffett; and a luncheon with the businessman. Faculty members Dr. Mark Chopin and Dr. Lisa Majure accompanied the students.

Students love meeting one of the business world’s greatest personalities, and for many, their own personal role model.

Student Takeaways

“One of my favorite lines: Never underestimate the man who overestimates himself. He looks for that trait in CEO’s. It’s a trait that helps them continue and perform and be able to achieve the success that they experience. The number one thing he recommended we do in the next twelve months is to increase our communication skills in two ways: being able to speak publicly and [also in the area of] written communication,” shared junior Caleb Boone.

“Just the opportunity to be with one of our true business heroes and learn a little bit and maybe influence another business student. ...Maybe a little bit of wit and wisdom I can pass along to our future students,” said senior Kelly Miller.

“The major thing I took back was... regarding a mistake in purchasing a stock. And his response of ‘I don’t look back at the mistakes. I have to look to the future. If you look back, then you stay stuck in the past. And you would tend to make the same mistakes over again.’ I really took that away, because that meant something to me,” reflected senior Marinell Woolley.

The students came back with great stories and experiences that they will pass on to the next trip hopefuls, continuing this cadre of business professionals with a Warren Buffett legacy.

The playlist of student takeaway interviews:

Students participating in this trip:


Karlie Andrews
Caleb Boone
Kayla Boxberger
Caitlin Cerra
Ryan Cook   
Adam DeSerio
Thomas Hernandez
Stephen Kozak
Jeffrey Kunkel
Marquitta Lambert
Kelly Miller
Brendan Moore
Maria Morel
Aydee Palomino
Luka Radjenovich
Casey Trier
Jonathan Walker
Marinell Woolley

Graduate Program Candidates

Nicholas Bullington
William Porter

Information on past Warren Buffett experiences can be found HERE.

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