Mueller Hired as Economics Associate by Management Systems International (MSI)

Posted: Friday, April 17th 2015 at 12:10 PM

Julie Mueller, associate professor of economics, has been hired as an economics associate by Management Systems International (MSI) to perform and advise studies on the non-market benefits of SERVIR data.

MSI is leading a performance evaluation of the joint USAID/NASA regional visualization and monitoring system known as SERVIR. The SERVIR program is intended to help government officials, scientists, researchers, students and the general public by providing them with Earth observation and predictive models based on data from orbiting satellites. It is the international version of Landsat/USGS.

SERVIR uses a number of software and data products known as “Science Applications” to facilitate monitoring and decision-making related to air quality, extreme weather, biodiversity, changes in land cover and environmental threats such as wildfires, floods, landslides and harmful algal blooms.

This engagement includes opportunities to value projects in Central America, Asia, and Africa. Mueller spent two-weeks in Nepal this past month to focus on a crop monitoring tool. She is currently working remotely on a forest fire hotspot monitoring product in Guatemala. In May, she will be going to Zambia and Rwanda to focus on valuation of a land use monitoring tool.

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