Mueller Procures $185K USGS Grant

Posted: Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 8:28 AM

Dr. Julie Mueller (bio) of The W. A. Franke College of Business and School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability was awarded a $185,000 grant through a Cooperative Agreement between Northern Arizona University and U.S. Geological Survey. The project, titled, “Economic value of water ecosystem services supported by healthy forests in Northern New Mexico,” represents a close inter-disciplinary partnership between USGS-Fort Collins and Northern Arizona University and builds upon Mueller’s previous research with colleagues and graduate students at NAU.

Healthy forests provide a multitude of ecosystem services. Residents of New Mexico rely on the ecosystem services provided by forests through municipal water supply, agricultural use, and private irrigation. Forests also provide wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities. With increasing wildfire frequency and burn severity, efficient management of forests is essential to protect both the forests and the beneficiaries of the ecosystem services the forests provide. Therefore, estimating the monetary values of the ecosystem services is essential to efficient restoration decision-making.

The grant supports development, administration, and analysis of a Choice Experiment to estimate values of attributes of ecosystem services provided by New Mexico forests. The results will be usable in future management decisions and cost-benefit analyses regarding forested watershed restoration.

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