Native American Students Realize Gratitude in Their Dale Carnegie Leadership Training

Posted: Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 6:26 PM

On April 26, 2017, FCB celebrated the achievement of 13 of its Native American students who completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training. The funding for this once in a lifetime opportunity was graciously provided for by the Johnson Scholarship Foundation (JSF).

For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has helped people overcome fears, develop speaking skills, and become more effective leaders. Through connections made by John Cauvin, executive in residence at the FCB School of Hotel and Restaurant and Management, and with support from Dean Craig Van Slyke and Dale Carnegie, a 1-day and an 8-week course were offered in 2016 (stories HERE). The Spring 2017 opportunity was offered to Native American students.

Graduation took place during a formal dinner at the Native American Cultural Center, hosted by FCB’s Office of Undergraduate Programs, with special guests invited by the students to share in their accomplishment.

Course facilitator, Trisha Hoffman, has been working with Dale Carnegie for several years, but this is the first time she worked with a college class. The eight-week training covered the following topics:

  • Build a foundation for success
  • Recall and use names
  • Build on memory skills & enhance relationships
  • Increase self-confidence Put stress in perspective
  • Enhance relationships & motivate others
  • Clearly present ideas
  • Energize communication
  • Disagree agreeably
  • Gain willing cooperation and influence others
  • Manage stress. Develop more flexibility.
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Celebrate achievements & renew your vision

As an event opener, three of the students demonstrated the Dale Carnegie “conversation stack,” a powerful tool for “winning friends and influencing people,” leading the audience in the exercise.

Trisha then had each student speak about their vision as they came into the course, how it might have changed along the way, and their gratitude in taking the course after which they were presented with their diploma. To follow are excerpts from their presentations.

“I included in my vision statement that I want to intern for the Navajo Nation, and since then I have submitted my application.” –Dante Davis

“I envision myself as being more of a disciplined and organized individual. … I think for me something I really took out of this class was just to gain self-confidence. Doing something like this, talking in front of people, was very hard for me 8 weeks ago.” –Makanamaikalani Tyrell  

“I'll be graduating with my degree in hotel and restaurant management. … one of the things I got out of it was the conversation stack. … in the hotel industry, building personal relationships with the customers is very important. And also another thing, too, that I got out of the class is just showing more appreciation to others.” –Danya Young

“My family and I, we have a very structured life so we all have five-year plans … after going through this course, it's given me a real focus on my vision. …Doing this, this public speaking, I'm very comfortable right now. This wasn't possible at the beginning. So I'm truly appreciative.” –Alex Hernandez

“Eight weeks ago – I mean it still kind of terrifies me – but I was way more nervous if I was doing this … I've gained so much more confidence in myself, and I'm so happy that I met you guys, too. –Kaitlin Edwards

“I have gained so much. …They've given me tools to be confident, to be more open, to be more sure of what it is that you want. You want it? Go get it! was what I got out of it.” –Melissa Deschenie

“The vision that I have, I still have, is to maybe actually start my own corporation, my own business, this coming fall. ... The best two weeks I would probably say is the stressful week ... and the one that I truly loved, disagreeing agreeably. –Renaldo Holgate

“What this class has really given me, it's allowed me to be more comfortable outside of my comfort zone …it's really helped me build greater self-confidence. And it's helped me put my stress into perspective. … Coming to realize, 'what's the worst that's going to happen? That I don't get it? I try again later.'” –Vince Ricco

“I've wanted to be an attorney for the longest time since I can remember ... I knew I had great things for me in the future, but I was never confident in myself enough to actually push forward and put my foot in the door to actually make that next step. And this Dale Carnegie class has definitely helped me with that. … It's helped me become more interested in people and create long-lasting relationships ... and allow me to focus on the person that I am, that I can be, and the potential that I do have. …every day I can sleep now and focus on just being a happier, better person. –Jordyn Klein

“I think I just wanted to be overall a more positive person and not be so anxious and stressed about things that are going on in my life. … One of the biggest things I've learned from this class is how powerful our thoughts are. So if you're thinking positive, encouraging thoughts to yourself, you're going to have a more optimistic attitude about a lot of things, and I feel like if you have an optimistic attitude about something, you can pretty much do anything.”  –Alyssa Kewnvoyouma

“I just put down some dreams I had – one day I want to start a business, and I just want to be an overall more productive person. Have more discipline. … Upon taking the class, Oh my goodness. I mean – what a journey, first off – a wealth, an absolute wealth of information from taking this class… Not only did I learn how to relate to other people – I created some great new friends – but it gave me confidence to finally know that dreams that I had at first are possible. They are actually possible.” –Marc Fimbres

“I am super glad I took this course, and I would recommend it to anyone because it filled my glass up. I looked forward to coming to the Dale Carnegie course every Wednesday, even though it was 3 hours, it was so much fun. And just thank you to everyone that gave me the opportunity to be here.” –Andre Dodge

“I was in a crossroads in my life. I was wondering if I should get a masters degree, go work, just what should I do? …I realize that my vision statement wasn't changing, it was getting more narrow. I was figuring out exactly where I needed to go, when to do it, and that's what I felt like we were all doing. We were figuring out where we were going with our vision.” –Carl Dempsey

Trisha next presented two awards that were voted on by the students themselves. The first was the Breakthrough Award, awarded to Kaitlin Edwards. “Thank you all for voting for me, again. I'm probably going to share this with my mom because she's here with me. And just thank you, again,” she said.

The next award, called the Class Valedictorian aka the Highest Achiever, was given to the student that contributed the most overall, who they really enjoyed having with them in class, and who they learned the most. The award went to Carl Dempsey. “I never thought I'd be a valedictorian, ever. I'm going to share it with my parents and call it the Valedictorian award. This is great. Thank you guys," he said.

Trisha concluded her segment of the event by recognizing Audra and Bernadine for all they did in setting up this course. She acknowledged the students as well.

“It has been my grand pleasure to come up here and work with this wonderful group of students,” she said.

Trisha then shared her story about a man named Dick Martin, who hired her for her first job as a manager. In the brief time she knew him, he was her mentor, and he impacted her life forever.

“To this day, there is not a team that I have lead or a class that I have taught that I have not shared something that I learned from that man. And so we spent the last eight weeks filling our tool boxes with tips and tricks that you can use going forward, and so I ask of you to please, pay it forward.”

Lewis, FCB director of Undergraduate Programs, then had her moment for recognitions.

“So now that we're at the end, I'd like to congratulate each and every one of our graduates. … Bernadine Lewis did not make this happen. If it were not for John Cauvin – who I consider to be a mentor, a friend, a great inspiration when it comes to business leadership – it is because of him that this opportunity became available last year …this to me is such an honor to be able to offer it to you, and it is because of this man, so I would just like to give him a round of applause,” she said.

Cauvin hoped that the students understood that the experience had transformed him, when he took the course in 1996, so much so that he then had all of his employees take the course. And to the students, he said, “I want to say, Good Job. Well done …this was a life-transforming experience.”

He also made sure to recognize those, beyond himself, who made the opportunity happen.

“I want to recognize Dean Craig Van Slyke tonight who with Ken and Audra of Dale Carnegie put together this class. Thank you, Audra for working with us and Bernadine,” he said.

Karam left her parting words as well.

“I am so thankful that we were able to put this in place for you …you guys had the opportunity to take a class that some 35-year olds, 40-year olds are just stepping into to transform their lives. So you're going to pay it forward. Hopefully, we can keep coming back. …Thank you again. Congratulations,” she concluded.

Learn more about last year’s Dale Carnegie training HERE.

* More on the Dale Carnegie Connection

Currently, Northern Arizona University is the only Arizona university to offer Dale Carnegie training to its students. On average, the training costs over a thousand dollars. This offering was graciously provided for by the Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

Cauvin and FCB Dean Craig Van Slyke met in Fall 2015 with Ken Beyersdorf, president, and Audra Karam, director of Corporate Accounts, of Dale Carnegie Training of Arizona, and brought Bernadine Lewis, the director of FCB Undergraduate Programs, on board to work with Beyersdorf. Together, they created the opportunity for a one-day and an eight week training in Spring 2016. Read the full article HERE.

Native American Dale Carnegie Graduates

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