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Posted: Tuesday, March 10th 2015 at 9:25 AM

Faculty at NAU have always put our students’ success first. Whether it be planning and teaching high-quality courses; making sure they have access to the various resources available on campus to help them reach their full potential; or helping them network with professionals, NAU is the school to attend.

Sam LizlerSam Litzler taught taxes and accounting at The W. A. Franke College of Business (FCB) from 1967–1987. He was highly respected by his students and colleagues. Students often referred to him as ‘Gentle Sam’ because of his patience with and interest in them.

In addition to teaching Rebecca Hickman ('74 ACC), one of the FCB Executives in Residence, in several courses, Professor Litzler was also her academic advisor. During her senior year, he had the foresight that computers were growing in importance and encouraged Hickman to take several 'data processing' (now CIS) courses, but she had work obligations during the times the classes met so he offered to find her a new job. She became the first Accounting Lab instructor, tutored all types of accounting students, and was able to enroll in the classes.

This is just one example of how FCB faculty often go above and beyond for our students.

More about Hickman

Renecca HickmanIn addition to being an FCB Executive in Residence currently teaching accounting ethics and finance, Hickman is a member of the FCB National Advisory Board and the FCB Alumni and Faculty Hall of Fame. Prior to transitioning to academia, she was director of Investor Relations at Pinnacle West Capital Corporation for 23 years. Her experiences at NAU helped prepare her for both her career in the business world and for her role as teacher in the academic world.

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