Practice Makes Perfect: First Mocktail Networking Event Successful

Posted: Monday, November 11th 2013 at 1:46 PM

Tuesday, November 5, 2013, the FCB Student Organizations Committee (FCB SOC) held a mocktail mixer that focused on developing and practicing networking skills. The FCB SOC is made up of representatives from each of the clubs within the Business college and this was their first time hosting this type of event.

The SOC came up with the idea of having a mocktail mixer while brainstorming how to involve all of FCB’s clubs in a fun way.

“Alpha Kappa Psi came up with the idea of having a mocktail party,” explained Jelena Lane, chairwoman of the FCB SOC. “From there, the different clubs came together to make it into a mocktail social networking event with their different contributions and help.”

Nikki DuPuy, executive assistant for both the CIS Club and Native American Business Organization (NABO), enjoyed what the event had to offer.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to practice our networking skills and meet with other FCB clubs’ members,” she said. “One of the SOC's goals this semester was to put together a social event where these FCB clubs can get to know one another so we can eventually implement another goal of ours: a Community Service project.”

The mixer started out with a presentation from Bernadine Lewis, coordinator of undergraduate programs, where she shared tips on how to network successfully. Some of her advice was to prepare an introduction for yourself, ask thoughtful questions, and to mix and mingle.

Afterwards, the clubs practiced their skills with proper etiquette such as shaking hands and maintaining eye contact.

The event was a great low-stress setting for students to prepare for professional situations.

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