Professionalism Recognition Program

Posted: Tuesday, February 18th 2014 at 8:36 AM

Tim Clark, assistant professor of management, has recently been getting recognition for his involvement with the FCB’s Professionalism Recognition Program (PRP). The program was started five years ago and involves approximately 700 business undergraduates as well as two thirds of the faculty. The program not only focuses on teaching students the elements of professionalism, but has the faculty rate students on how they are displaying these elements.

Clark says that the name of the program is a double entendre. “It is meant to help students recognize what professionalism consists of, and they get recognition for doing so very well upon graduation.” At the time of graduation, the students receive a letter from the Dean, which acts as a collective letter of recommendation from the faculty.

The elements of professionalism come straight from the employers. Clark went straight to the source to ask employers which qualities matter most to them when hiring employees. Some of the major components that Clark has found are conscientiousness, timeliness, and the ability to work when not being pressed to do so. Just like employers, the faculty also looks for these characteristics in their students.

What the faculty has to do is evaluate their students, and then put the students into three categories: high professionalism, professionalism, or participating. The faculty sets up one-on-one meetings with the students to discuss their performance. Because of the level of communication between the faculty and students, Clark says that “no student should be surprised by the rating they get from any one professor in the semester.”

The PRP is an exciting program that is bringing the topic of professionalism into more discussions. The Dean hopes that this program will help distinguish Northern Arizona University to prospective students, as well as employers.

Clark was interviewed by Theresa Bierer for her Inside NAU (Segment 8) on business alum, Blake Cain ('10 MKT) who credits NAU's The W.A. Franke College of Business for many of his skills. Professor Clark is featured throughout the segment as he discusses professionalism and the PRP program at FCB.

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