Road Scholar Group Leaders Extraordinaire

Posted: Friday, May 4th 2018 at 11:24 AM

Road Scholar is a national and international program that is offered to everyone who is interested in learning through travel. The program uses highly skilled and knowledgeable group leaders to lead the participants on adventures where they connect with the nature, history, and culture around them. This shared group experience creates a tight-knit community while allowing new friends to be made along the way.

Three group leaders from our own NAU Road Scholar program, which has been in existence since 1983, first as Elderhostel and now as Road Scholar, were recognized as being in the top 20 most extraordinary leaders for 2017 by Road Scholar! The three group leaders are Bruce Banker, Jeff Strang, and Mike Young.

In an interview in the Road Scholar Group Leader Newsletter, volume 4, January 2018, Jeff Strang explained his goal on the trips: “I try to teach a respect for the environment and the many national and state parks and monuments — and the outdoors in general — that we visit on our trips.”

Bruce Banker, shared what his motivations as a group leader are“Lately, maybe because I know that one day I will be joining the ranks of the averaged aged Road Scholar participant – that I have taken more notice of the “superagers”. We frequently have the pleasure of having super 70, super 80 and super 90 year old on our program. Last week I had a participant (Hobie) on my program that hiked the White House Ruin Trail in Canyon de Chelly with one of our group leaders. It was a 2.5 hike with 600 feet of elevation gain and loss. Hobie did great topping out with the rest of the hikers in fine form. Turns out Hobie is 90 years old and sharp as a tack.”

Showing that no age is too old to go on an exhibition with Road Scholars leaders and have a great time filled with history and hiking.

So if you’re looking for more than a hiking trip, NAU Road Scholars is always getting ready for another adventure.