Southern California Investment Management Tour

Posted: Monday, November 4th 2013 at 11:59 AM

Experiencing first-hand how the business industry works augments a student's understanding beyond the intensive classroom learning here in FCB. From Wednesday, October 23, 2013 to Friday, October 25, six students traveled to southern California to visit several investment firms with Matt Haertzen, senior lecturer of finance.

“The trip was a successful one, and I think the students learned a lot,” Haertzen said.

Many students applied for the chance to go on this trip and the final group chosen by their professors consisted of Michael Rempel, Chelsey Pulcheon, Brooks Degomez, Connor Wienberg, Jen Runge, and Matt Hixon.

During their trip they spoke to professionals at Caltius Capital Management, Taco Bell’s Corporate Office, Pathway Capital Management, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), and the University of Southern California (USC) Investment Office.

This opportunity was sponsored in part by three NAU alumni: Jim Upchurch (‘80 ACC), president and CEO of Caltius Capital Management; Jason Jenkins (‘01 FIN), senior vice president of Pathway Capital; and Peter McClean (‘67 History) who was able to arrange the trip to PIMCO.

“I had a very limited knowledge of private equity (PE) investments but not anymore,” said Wienberg. “I learned a lot about the industry and career paths that people typically follow to enter into the field.”

Wienberg reflected that each firm brought a different perspective to the investment industry. “Pathway Capital is a limited PE partner that acts as a fund of funds, resulting in a different operating structure than the PE firm Caltius,” he explained. “The USC Investment Office provided a different perspective on how we manage our own [NAU Foundation SMIF] fund compared to a different university, especially one with a significantly larger endowment. Taco Bell gave us some great insights on corporate finance operations and careers, and PIMCO was interesting simply due to its size and its focus on fixed income investments, something we’re not exposed to much here in the FCB.”

Besides the learning opportunities they were offered, the trip provided a great networking opportunity for students.

“I received business cards from every person we talked to, as well as connecting to several of them on LinkedIn including Caltius CEO Jim Upchurch,” Wienberg said.

Students were able to take a lot away from this experience and get a better idea of the career path opportunities ahead.

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