Spring 2014 CIS Advisory Council Brings Students and Council Together

Posted: Tuesday, March 11th 2014 at 12:19 PM

On Thursday evening, February 27, 2014 the CIS Advisory Council came together to discuss curriculum and resources and interacted with FCB CIS students. The council participated in the CIS Club’s Career Speed Dating. The event began with an introduction from Dean Craig Van Slyke who emphasized the importance of people skills and communication skills in the field of CIS. Representatives from General Motors and Charles Schwab were also present to talk to students about career opportunities in their firms.

Seventeen students, five representatives, and three council members participated in the event discussing several topics such as what it takes to be successful in a company, what skills the students should build upon, and what qualities they are looking for in students. Professor Jim Morgan, the CIS faculty mentor, was very pleased with the event. “The students and the employers seemed to get a lot out of it. The employers indicated that they enjoyed doing it and would be interested in doing a similar activity again,” said Morgan.

Friday, February 28, at the beginning of the CIS Council meeting, Eric Yordy, associate dean, presented recognition awards to outgoing President Tom Grazda and Treasurer Mike Hawksworth. The new Council President Steve Westerdahl and Treasurer Jeff Bulkeley took charge of the proceedings at this time.

On Friday, mock interviews were held with CIS Club students who signed up in advance for interview times including a pre-meeting phone interview. Once the students completed their in-person interviews with the council members, they were given feedback on what they did well, and what they could improve upon. This was a great opportunity for students to receive constructive criticism that will improve their interviewing skills.

Sury Ravindran, associate professor of CIS, thought both the mock interviews and the career speed dating activity went very well for both students and council members. “The students found it helpful and the advisory council found it helpful because they could actually get to meet each other. It was a win-win for both sides.”

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