FCB Students Invited to Meet Mr. Warren Buffett

Posted: Monday, March 4th 2013 at 1:33 PM

Twenty students took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska to meet Mr. Warren Buffett, a highly successful business investor, on February 22, 2013 accompanied by Nita Paden, professor of marketing, and Matt Haertzen, lecturer of finance. This was the 6th time students from NAU were invited to meet him.

“In previous trips, the students have been well-behaved, professional, and interested, and I think that gets noticed,” Paden said.

The students were able to ask Mr. Buffett questions. They also got the chance to tour two of his retail companies, Nebraska Furniture Mart and Borsheims.

“The event was an incredible opportunity for the students and faculty involved,” Haertzen said. “To have the ability to tour successful companies, and learn from leading professionals at organizations owned by Berkshire Hathaway provided all of us insights that cannot be gained from the classroom.

“What likely stuck with me the most was something said by Mr. Buffett, and also echoed by Mr. Scott Coor, an alumni of NAU (‘76). The two of them both focused on the importance of building long-term relationships throughout your life and career. They both stressed how building these relationships and being willing to help others is critical to success and to being the type of person our society needs. Mr. Buffett really stressed the opportunities we are afforded simply by being born in the United States, and encouraged us to give back where we could, either time or money.”

“I think the really remarkable thing about Mr. Buffett is that he is very grounded, very down to earth,” Paden said. “You know, you go in thinking he’s an impressive investor, but really he enjoys doing that. He takes it as more of a hobby than a vocation and that’s what’s impressive.”

The students were able to take a lot from the experience which they talked about in the post-trip video interviews found HERE. It was truly an honor to receive an invitation to visit Mr. Buffett yet again.

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