A listing of frequently asked questions.

What is the SLC?

How do I get into a non-business course that is full?

How do I get into a business course that is full?

How and when do I apply for BPP?

Do I need to be in BPP before I can take the ACC Skills Assessment Test?

How do I make an appointment?

How and when do I apply for graduation?

How many pathways do I need to attend and by when? Where do I find the calendar?

When is the last day to drop a course?

Where can I get my official transcript?

Who is my advisor?

Who is my career mentor and how do I make an appointment with him/her?

When is my early enrollment date?

How do I get my advising hold removed?

What is grade replacement?

Enrollment has begun and I can't enroll in my classes?

How do I find internship or job opportunities?

The writing center won’t read my paper for Business. Who do I go to?

I need to print papers but I’m too far from the Library or need other resources but can’t make it to the Bookstore in time. Who do I go to?

My teacher doesn’t have a text book for class but a class packet. Where do I get that?

What if I can’t figure out LOUIE, how to read my academic requirements, or other logistical issues?

I want to get a double major so I need to start the professional program early. How do I do that?

What are Pathways and where do I check my attendance?

Can I test out of my Business classes?

How many extra classes are there for a double major?

How many extra classes are there for a certificate?

What if I don’t attend my Pathways?

My friend took this class back in California and it transferred here as a business required class. Can’t I just take it without petitioning?

What is the quickest route that I can get done with my program?