Professional Program in Accountancy

As an Accounting student in The W. A. Franke College of Business, you have several options:

  1. The 4-year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  2. Continuation in to the MBA-Accounting program*
  3. Continuation as a post-baccalaureate student to earn the 150 hours required for the CPA exam.

* The MBA-Accounting is a competitive program and not all students are guaranteed a place in the class.

Progressing through the Accounting Program: Benchmarks for your success

There are several benchmarks built in to the Accounting program to ensure that you have the skills needed for success.

  • All Accounting students are required to pass a skills assessment before progressing beyond ACC 255 and ACC 256 to ACC 300 and ACC 355. Dates for the skills assessment are listed below. Be sure to take the practice exam. This will help you determine your preparedness for the skills assessment. Students must pass the assessment within three attempts or they will not be allowed to progress in the Accounting curriculum.
  • Students must achieve a C or better in ACC 300 and ACC 355 within 3 attempts (including W's) to progress to upper division.
  • Students cannot receive their BS in Accountancy unless they have completed all of their Accounting courses successfully within 3 attempts (including W's) so be careful about withdrawing from courses.

Preparing for the Accounting Skills Assessment

If you need to brush up on your Principles of Accounting Skills, the following are suggestions to help you achieve the background needed to pass the skills assessment exam:

  1. Review your ACC 255 (or equivalent) course materials, including our current text’s PowerPoints. Sample ACC 255 exams for review can be accessed HERE (823kb MS Word file).
  2. If you need additional help, consider searching the Internet for financial accounting tutorials. For example, several textbooks have complimentary online student learning websites, such as Cengage Learning's website for Financial Accounting (Needles & Powers) and McGraw-Hill's Financial and Managerial Accounting (Williams, et al.). Other websites that offer free financial accounting tutorials include: Accounting Coach, and MiddleCity Online Accounting Tutorials.
  3. If you still need additional help, or if it has been several semesters since you took ACC 255 (or equivalent course), consider repeating the course.