The FCB Integrated Business Curriculum
BizBlock combines management, marketing, and business communication, giving students the opportunity to integrate key business concepts.

Why BizBlock?
BizBlock promotes hands on learning and emphasizes the value of group work. Students are expected to solve problems as a group. BizBlock...

  • gives you a glimpse of real-world working situations
  • gives a competitive edge in your other classes as well as in your job hunt
  • teaches you the value of time management, leadership, and communications skills
  • teaches you how to prepare an extensive business plan
  • gives you invaluable experience presenting your business plan and requesting funding from mock venture capitalists.

“… BizBlock taught me what it means to be a team leader and take initiative. Creating a business is about imagination and trusting your teammates to do their best. Without BizBlock I might not have learned what great things can come from working together.”

–Marie Cranford


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Important Prerequisites