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Portrait shot of Dean Dan GoebelIn today’s fast-paced business environment, it is necessary that professionals be competent from a content knowledge standpoint, and they must be ethical decision makers. Your preparation to this point in your academic career has you well on the way to achieving both.

During the remainder of your time as a student in the NAU Franke College of Business, you will be challenged to continue developing critical thinking skills and the ability to articulate the knowledge gained in your chosen career field. In addition, your ethical decision making skills will be sharpened as you progress toward graduation. I encourage you to review the following pages to discover the policies and procedures that define ethical decision making for students at NAU. Adhering to these policies and procedures will keep you on the path to successful attainment of your degree.

Finally, businesses today expect employees to be lifelong learners. Businesses also expect employees to make well-informed and conscientious decisions. The behaviors it takes to earn a degree, persistence, critical thinking, taking initiative toward self-improvement, and treating others honestly and with respect, are the same behaviors that provide what businesses are seeking. Those behaviors also lead to a life well-lived. As a result, I encourage you to set as your standard, in both college and beyond, a commitment to lifelong learning  and ethical decision making.

Best wishes for continued success in your educational and professional pursuits.

Kindest Regards,

Daniel J. Goebel, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Marketing
The W. A. Franke College of Business

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