Student Handbook for Business Majors

Welcome to The W. A. Franke College of Business’s Business Professional Program

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Congratulations on your accomplishments in your lower division courses. You have proven yourself as academically capable and committed to your chosen field.  It is our hope that your lower-division coursework and your extracurricular involvement have sparked your passion for business. We know that you have developed the skills you need to move forward to the upper-division coursework and to meet the higher expectations we have for you. 

You enter your final years in the FCB at a time when ethical and knowledgeable business students are in high demand. Your courses will be more challenging and faculty members have great expectations for your academics, your class participation, and your professionalism. We expect you to think more critically, to develop and articulate knowledge and arguments and to demonstrate the necessary awareness of the ethical and global issues that will be required as you engage in business in today’s society.

This handbook, along with the NAU Student Handbook and your Undergraduate Catalog, will help you navigate the policies and procedures that you may encounter during your undergraduate career. The handbook is meant to assist you in asking well-informed questions as you negotiate the waters of higher education.

Please know that the faculty, staff, and administrators in the FCB are here to help you. Our commitment to the personal interactions and involvement with our students remains a top priority. If there is anything the faculty or staff can do to assist you, please take advantage of the services they offer. 

Best wishes for a challenging and satisfying educational experience.


Dr. Craig Van Slyke, Ph.D.
Dean, The W. A. Franke College of Business

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