International Students

Welcome to The W. A. Franke College of Business (FCB)

Every year we invite and admit international students from all over the world to join us as exchange or transfer students. We are proud to have so many students from such diverse backgrounds.

Exchange students usually stay for one or two semesters and are welcome to enroll in business classes.  Our advisor will determine which pre-requisites you have and which classes you are eligible to take. 

International transfer students (who will graduate from NAU) will fulfill all degree requirements during their stay at the FCB.  Please contact our advisor to find out which requirements you have left to fulfill in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from the FCB.

Please make sure to contact the Center for International Education (CIE) first, in order to find out how to be admitted to NAU and which documents you need to provide. 

Please choose one of the following buttons to learn more about becoming an FCB student.

Chad Lenzen, an American student shares his experiences of being an International Student at BISU University in China (8 videos):