Transfer Students

We are happy you are thinking about transferring to The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University. We want that process to be successful and as smooth as possible, so we've put together this checklist.

✓ Apply for admission to NAU. Click HERE.

✓ Attach a copy of your unoffical transcripts in an email to and include a phone number we can reach you at in the body of the email.

✓ Once your transcripts and syllabi have been reviewed by an advisor you will be contacted via email to schedule an appointment. Please allow approximately two weeks after our office has received your information for follow up from our office.

✓ During your appointment, an advisor will review our program requirements and make suggestions for enrollment in your first semester at NAU. If you have an advising hold on your account at the time of your appointment, your hold will be released during your appointment time.

Please note: