Become a Corporate Partner

“Collegiate hires from sales education programs reach the financial breakeven point in their territories 30% faster than do untrained sales professionals, and their tenure with the company is 40% longer.”1

Partnering with The W. A. Franke College of Business Professional Selling Program increases exposure among future sales professionals and within the educational environment of Northern Arizona University. The Professional Selling Program currently offers three tiers of sponsorships, each with varying levels of visibility and access to NAU students and resources.

View our levels and benefits of partnerships HERE.

Overview of benefits of partnering with Professional Selling Program

  • Connect with enthusiastic students who are proficient in professional sales.
  • Participate in sales role plays and mock interviews with sales students.
  • As a corporate partner, representatives of your business have the opportunity to be featured as guest lecturers in sales courses.
  • The W. A. Franke College of Business has several workspaces and technology labs available for sponsorship.
  • Become a featured employer at this years’ career fair dedicated completely to business students.
  • As an emerging professional selling program, become one of the first to sponsor scholarships for prospective marketing and sales students.
  • Get ahead of the recruitment process by interacting with committed sales students before they begin their job application process

  • 1Fogel, S., Hoffmeister, D., Rocco, R., & Strunk, D. P. (2012, July/August). Teaching sales. Harvard Business Review, 90, 94-99.