Benefits of Partnership

The W. A. Franke College of Business Professional Selling Program offers an opportunity for sales organizations to be a part of a unique program and help develop the profession of sales in a university environment. Professional Selling Program partners have access to talented students who are prepared and focused in the profession of sales. Partners also play an important role in guiding the development and delivery of the sales curriculum and program events.

View our list of current partners HERE.

Corporate Partner Benefits

  • “Employers play an important role in increasing student interest in sales vis-à-vis students’ exposure to education interventions.”1
  • 1Peltier, J. W., Cummins, S., Pomirleanu, N., Cross, J., & Simmon, R. (2014). A parsimonious instrument for predicting intent to pursue a sales career: Scale development and validation. Journal of Marketing Education, 36(1), 63-75.