NAU Students Win Big

Posted: Friday, March 16th 2018 at 1:22 PM
At Regional Competition

The Northern Arizona University, Sales Team participated in the Southwest Regional Collegiate Sales Competition and came home with Gold!  The team of four students went to ASU and competed on their sales, professionalism, and product knowledge skills against teams from seven universities.

Austin Baker, Katee Fischer, Francesca Kent, and Shai Nevo competed in two categories: Visumes, which are video resumes, and Role Plays, against teams from the Arizona State University, Colorado State, Kansas State, Missouri, University of Oregon, University of Utah Valley, and Utah State.

Twenty companies sponsored a mixer, the night before the competition, which enabled students to socialize one-on-one with company representatives and practice their elevator pitches.

The sales competition is a win-win event for both students and company representatives. The students have an opportunity to interact with top companies, exhibit their skills, and gain experience.  The company representatives promote their firm, share philosophies, and recruit students.

Sales Team members are currently in the interview process with several top companies.

The competition is a “basic sales call” skills elimination challenge. The first round has all competitors call on the same fictional company and sell the same product.  The top scoring performers move to the next round with different buyers at the same fictional company. The remaining five competitors compete in the final round.

Each contestant has 12 minutes to complete the sales call. The contestants utilize skills such as product knowledge, building rapport, active listening, qualifying questions, time management, overcoming objections, demonstration, communication, and closing techniques.

Katee FischerKatee Fischer won First Place in Role Play category and Austin Baker completed two rounds.

Katee Fischer took Second Place in the Visume category and Shai Nevo received an Honorable Mention. 

In April, NAU will take Katee and Austin to the National Competition at Kennesaw University. This event will have 400 students competing from over 50 universities.

This is what the student took away from this experience:

“At this competition, I learned the power of team thinking. As I advanced to the second and third round, my teammates helped me prepare by contributing ideas and visuals and they gave me the general support and confidence I needed to win. I would not have been able to win without my teammates.”  Katee Fischer

“I have had the opportunity to compete in many competitions, and the Arizona Collegiate Sales Competition is my favorite! The ability to network with the sponsors of the competition and have the exposure to career opportunities each company provides is a great experience. Not to mention, being able to meet the judges/buyers before the competition helps the nerves!” Austin Baker

“Learning about Gartner was very different because it wasn’t a product but a service. It took some time to understand how to sell a service compared to selling a product, to me it was very new. There were many components to Gartner that needed to be learned but it was a great challenge to do something I hadn’t have done before. It was worth the hard work and has definitely opened my eyes to a career in sales.” Francesca Kent

Go Lumberjacks!

Katee Fischer's visume video pitch

Shai Nevo visume video pitch