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FCB Travel Services

The following links are provided as a one stop area for your basic NAU travel needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact accounting personnel in the Support Services Office, room 229.

Welcome University Travel – NAU Travel Policy Web Site

Annual Travel Certification Form – Please complete and submit to Support Services before the end of each August. This form must be renewed every year. Support Services will need it on file before your leave for your first trip in the new year. Please provide a copy of your current vehicle insurance card.  Upon expiration you will also need to renew your copy of the Vehicle Insurance Card.  Reimbursement is contingent upon completion and submission of Certification form and current Vehicle Insurance Card.

NAU Travel Guide

Before the Trip - Travel Tips before you leave

After the Trip – Travel Tips after you return.

Travel Email-This travel email must be complete prior to trip to obtain prior approval for absences related to University Business and to determine funding availability. Copy and Paste the wording into an email; Fill out or attaché the required information; and email it to the Business Manager.  Business Manager will review for accuracy, check funding availability, and forward the request to the Dean.  Upon approval; the Business Manager will notify the traveler.  The traveler then can make the purchases required.

Daily Travel Log – Travel log for mileage for multiple sites. Or use Mapquest.com for set mileage

County Codes – Find the correct county for your travel destination. Enter the destination in the FEATURE NAME area and then select the correct state, then click the SEND QUERY button. This will give you the county of the destination city. You then take that information to the Destination Codes link below. For foreign travel, (which includes Alaska and Hawaii) Please see your travel liasions.

Destination Codes – Travel Codes, Per Diem and Lodging rates. Destination Codes are determined by the State and County your travel city is located. Ex: Phoenix is in Arizona - Maricopa County. The Lodging and Per Diem are set for Phoenix - Maricopa County on the Destination Code link. If your travel location County is not listed in the Destination Code Link then use the "All Counties Not Specified" Lodging and Per Diem Rates.

NAU Travel Policy - NAU Travel Policy Main Page

NAU Comptroller Policy - NAU Comptroller Main Page

Parking Rules:

Airport parking and transportation

1). Airport parking and mileage expense for a privately-owned motor vehicle is allowed only if less than roundtrip taxi fare between the traveler’s residence and the airport, or duty post and airport, whichever is applicable.

2). Airport parking will be reimbursed at daily rates no higher than the discounted parking rates listed for Phoenix and Tucson. Refer to the State of Arizona Travel Policy Supplement V for a listing of these rates.

3). If a traveler is dropped off or picked up at the airport terminal using a privately-owned vehicle, no parking is reimbursable.