Real World Connections

When you are part of FCB, you are standing on the strong shoulders of our FCB Connections ~ Alumni, Employers, Donors, Guest Speakers, National Advisory Board, Executives in Residence, and our Community Councils that keep us connected to the business world.

They help students through their generous donations of time and money. They make possible the extracurricular opportunities we offer our students. They give what we do meaning – and even make it fun.

They make us proud and keep us strong so you can stand on our shoulders.

Bringing Business Into The Classroom

Our faculty often have a business world background that they bring with them to the classroom. Our guest speakers share their stories to bring the real world to our students. Students are involved at a real-world level in the MBA program, in our BizBlock integrated curriculum block, and sometimes even in their own real-time business ventures, as exemplified by FCB-Business Division's Chelsea Hulina. Read more HERE.

Taking it Beyond

There are opportunities to meet business leaders of large and of small businesses.

The NAU MBA Path

Guest Presentations

BizBlock, FCB’s integrated business curriculum

Visits with Mr. Warren Buffett

Advisory Council Events for Accounting & IS

Striving to Make a Net Impact

Executive Job Shadow experiences

Internship experiences