On Strong Shoulders

It is because of you and your commitment to Northern Arizona University - The W. A. Franke College of Business that we are able to stand on strong shoulders. Thank you.

The Man & His Commitment – Bill Franke

Bill Franke is managing partner of Indigo Partners, a private investment firm, and former CEO of America West Airlines and other Arizona-based companies. In 2007, Mr. Franke made a $25 million commitment to Northern Arizona University's College of Business. His son, David and family stay involved and in touch with the FCB to insure their own commitment to Excellence continues to be demonstrated in the College's curriculum and its vision for the future. Learn more about the man and his transformational commitment here.

Our Donors

Our donors have never been more important to us and to our students than they are today. The importance of scholarship funding towards a brighter tomorrow for so many of our students is invaluable. Also precious is the time and commitment they make when they come to meet their scholarship recipients or they donate their time in the classroom or in extracurricular endeavors.

We hope you realize with each graduating class from NAU FCB the legacy you have created.

Our Alumni

As an FCB alum, you may make a connection for life.Visit our Alumni section HERE.

So many of our alums come back – to work or teach at Northern Arizona University and at the FCB. They give back as donors, as guest lecturers, or as recruiters for their company. They look forward to coming back, renewing the connections they made while earning their degree.

As a FCB graduate, you are part of an influential global network with more than 15,000 alumni in over 20 countries worldwide.

We would love to hear your updates and success stories. Your opinions and comments count. We invite you to keep our connection for life. Visit the NAU Alumni Association site to send us your updates.

We stand strong on the foundation of our alumni.


The much-used phrase, "We do it all for you" really does apply. Our intent is to prepare your future employees, graduates that add value to your company today and tomorrow.

To take that one step further, we rely on you to provide guidance through our advisory boards, to recruit with on-campus visits, to engage in learning beyond the classroom through internships and externships, and to wait with open arms as our graduates head out into the workforce.

In this way, it starts and ends with you. That is how valuable you are to NAU FCB.

National Advisory Board

The FCB Business Division's National Advisory Board serves as the primary link between FCB·NAU and our alumni, friends, and the business community. Board members share a desire to help shape the learning experiences and opportunities for tomorrow's business leaders.

Learn more about our National Advisory Board HERE.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council of The W. A. Franke College of Business serves as the primary link between FCB-NAU and the Flagstaff & Arizona business communities by providing the college with a better understanding of local developments and community needs.

Learn more about our Community Advisory Council HERE.

Accounting Advisory Council

The Accounting Advisory Council (AAC) is comprised of professionals who represent public accounting, industry, and government. The purpose of the AAC is to advise the Accounting Area and accounting faculty on the mission of the Accounting Area and on issues related to area planning, curriculum development, student recruitment and placement, and area fund raising.

Learn more about our Accounting Advisory Council HERE.

CIS Advisory Council

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Advisory Council (CISAC) is comprised of industry and government professionals. The purpose of the CISAC is to advise the CIS Area, including faculty and students on issues related to area planning, curriculum development, student recruitment and placement.

Learn more about our CIS Advisory Council HERE.

Friends of The FCB

Broadening horizons, imagining possibilities, bringing Ah-ha moments into our students lives – our friends of The FCB provide these and so much more. They help our students see beyond the textbooks and lectures into the applications of the business curriculum on which they will soon be immersed. Our friends demonstrate this  through guest presentations, through support of our extracurricular activities, and with their advice.

We appreciate the breadth of experience they bring to us here at The W.A. Franke College of Business.