Computer Information Systems Advisory Council

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Advisory Council (CISAC) is comprised of industry and government professionals. The purpose of the CISAC is to advise the CIS Area, including faculty and students on issues related to area planning, curriculum development, student recruitment and placement. Some of the goals of the Advisory Council are:

  • To provide guidance that correctly targets the curriculum to develop a skill set in our graduates which best meets market demands.
  • To enhance the career placement opportunities for our students and help develop student job search and selection skills.
  • To discover and promote strategic alliances leading to internship opportunities for our majors.
  • To create and enhance a student's experience in the classroom through appearances, presentations and discussions with information technology leaders from the Advisory Council or their representative organizations.
  • To provide industry information helpful in promoting and sustaining faculty currency with practices in information systems.
  • To create opportunities for faculty research partnerships with business organizations and information technology professionals.
  • To provide guidance on CIS area direction and resource allocation within the constrained resources available of program delivery.

Current members of the CIS Advisory Council

Robert Austin

Cliff Barlow

Jeff Bulkeley

Bert Bullock

Walter Caruba

Stephen Coons

Fred Estrella

Tom Grazda

John Hausner

Michael Hawksworth

Heather Iskrzak

David Klever

Edward Motley

Claire Nyce

Gregory Russell

William Secore

Paul Torres

Steve Westerdahl

Todd Wingler

Curtis Zinzilieta