WPS 14-05: Macroeconomic Announcements and Foreign Exchange Risk

Posted: Monday, October 6th 2014 at 3:42 AM


Macroeconomic Announcements and Foreign Exchange Risk


Ding Du, NAU-FCB
Ou Hu, Youngstown State University
Xiaobing Zhao, NAU-FCB


Savor and Wilson (2013a, 2013b) suggest that the tradeoff between state variable risk and asset returns underlying standard asset-pricing theories should be particularly strong on prescheduled macroeconomic announcement days, because important information about the state of the economy is revealed at such times. We apply this insight to foreign-exchange risk, and find robust evidence that foreign-exchange risk is priced on prescheduled macroeconomic announcement days. Our results make important contributions to both international finance and empirical asset-pricing literature.

JEL classification: F31; G15

Keywords: Macroeconomic Announcements; Foreign Exchange Risk

WPS 14-05 October 2014

PDF of working paper HERE.

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