Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate

There is tremendous growth in the non-profit and social entrepreneurship area. Do you want to help society and those less fortunate rather than starting a career that purely benefits you?

The Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship Certificate program provides you with a foundation of sound business principles. With this understanding, you will have the potential to launch a non-profit or social enterprise, or contribute to existing organizations.

Learn how to create change through a non-profit or social entrepreneurial endeavor.

What exactly is a non-profit or social enterprise?

Traditionally, a for-profit business’ mission was simply to make money. On the other end of the spectrum, there were the philanthropic non-profits that carried out their mission with funds donated to the organization and overseen by a board of directors.

Over the last decade, a continuum of options has evolved in-between these two ends of the spectrum. Now, there are for-profit businesses that actually have the look of a non-profit business and fund a social good.

Take your passion and add this entrepreneurial background to it. For example, maybe you are a music major who could create a social enterprise that benefits underprivileged children. You could make a living and cultivate your passion for music.

Take your passion and apply it in a business that makes a positive impact on your community. Promote economic development in the Northern Arizona region and beyond.

The Expert Behind Your Class, T. Paul Thomas

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